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SecuLution technique and terminology
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Full setup and deployment in 5 hours
Installation of components
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AdminWizard installation
Agent installation
Syslog server installation
Initial configuration tasks
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Agent configuration
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Manage whitelist
Initial whitelist generation
Import trustworthy software
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Cleanup whitelist
Manually delete unused entries
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Managed Whitelist
Managed Whitelist
Referring rules to objects
Offline mode
Offline mode
USB device management
USB device encryption
Agent deployment (RemoteClientManagement)


With "ArpWatch" the Appliance can detect and report network devices (nodes) which are located in the same network segment as the Appliance. The Appliance detects "ARP who-has" requests. These MAC addresses are compared with the list of MAC addresses that currently have an active connection to the Appliance, which indicates that an Agent is running on the node. If the node which owns the detected MAC address does not connect to the Appliance (within the next 3 minutes), the Appliance will report this MAC address as not secured by SecuLution. The Appliance will send alarms to the syslog server for nodes that are neither secured nor ignored:


Nodes that are neither secured by the Agent nor marked as "ignore" will trigger an alarm.


Nodes which are secured by the Agent are listed in the "secured" list.


Nodes that cannot be secured by SecuLution (e.g. Linux nodes, printers) can be ignored.

Changes to lists and backups

Each list can be exported as CSV; the "ignored" list can also be imported from a backup.
To mark a MAC address as "ignore" so that it will not trigger alarms in the future, click the checkbox "ignore" in the alarm. This will add a new entry in the "ignored" list. However, this "ignored" list is not yet applied on the server. Changes to the "ignored" list must be applied by clicking the "apply ignorelist" button while the ignorelist is being displayed. Ignoring a MAC address will hide it from the alarms which you are currently seeing in the AdminWizard, but since this is only a copy of the alarms on the Appliance, you should also click on "clear all alarms".